The History of Jurisprudence

Today the MPG has over ten institutes for the study of law, whereby the two founded in 2002 do not fall under the period of investigation. The MPG’s institutes of jurisprudence deserve special attention as locations of scientific research, but also due to their functions of providing relevant advice for policy and society and because of their high-impact participation in the organization and governance of the MPG as a whole. The purpose of studying these institutes is to explore and depict the changing emphases and forms of their scientific work; their functions in science, society and state; their development in terms of organizations and personnel; and their shifting location in the MPG with regard to the questions posed in the GMPG research program. The history of the jurisprudence institutes will open up thematic areas of particular interest for the research program: 

     • Comparative history: The history of law
     • The internationalization of law: International law and international criminal law
     • Law and markets