IT and Digital Humanities

  • Felix Lange, M.Sc. and M.A.

    In the GMPG Research Program Felix Lange is a software engineer responsible for the conceptualization, organizational planning and implementation of the digitization plan, for the setup of the digital work environment as well as for the deployment of IT-supported methods of evaluating sources.

  • Dr. Felix F. Schäfer

    In the GMPG Research Program Felix Schäfer is responsible for the project management of the digitization activities and coordinates the collaboration with the external service providers. He is also involved in the strategic development of digital humanities methods and instruments, which are tailored to the research program to process research data and digitized archive material for scientific purposes in order to gain new insights.


  • Dipl. Phys. Dirk Wintergrün

    For the GMPG Research Program, Dirk Wintergrün’s focus is on the application of text-mining tools aiming at structuring the unstructured text corpus created by the project on the basis of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on a large scale.