Dr. Johannes-Geert Hagmann


Johannes-Geert Hagmann is head of the curatorial department for technology at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. His main research interests comprise the history of physics in the 19th and 20th century as well as the cultural diplomacy of science and technology in the interwar period. For the GMPG Project he explores the emergence and development of laser physics and quantum optics within the Max Planck Society.



Selected Publications

Hagmann, Johannes-Gert: "Mobilizing US physics in World War I" Physics Today 70 (2017), S. 44-50.

Hagmann, Johannes-Gert: "Challenging Collections. Approaches to the heritage of recentscience and technology." Artefacts volume 11. Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2017 (Hrsg. mit Alison Boyle).

Hagmann, Johannes-Gert: "Licht und Schatten. Ernst Mach | Ludwig Mach." Deutsches Museum Verlag. München 2017 (Hrsg. mit Wilhelm Füßl).

Hagmann, Johannes-Gert: "From Leipzig to Harvard – Knowledge transfer in early UV-spectroscopy." Annalen der Physik, Volume 526 (2014), Issue 1-2, S. A11–A15.

Hagmann, Johannes-Gert: "Konstruierte Wirklichkeit. Philipp Lenard 1862-1947. Biografie-Physik-Ideologie." Deutsches Museum Verlag. München 2012 (Hrsg. mit Wilhelm Füßl).

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