IT and Digital Humanities

  • Thomas Neumann, M.A.

    Thomas Neumann studied European Cultural History, Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Sociology in Augsburg and Cultural History and Theory in Berlin. Fascinated by web development since his youth, he pursued his passion for programming in various Berlin agencies after his studies. In the research program on the history of the Max Planck Society, he is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the digital research infrastructure.



  • Dr-.-Ing. Dirk Wintergrün

    For the GMPG Research Program, Dirk Wintergrün’s focus is on the application of text-mining tools aiming at structuring the unstructured text corpus created by the project on the basis of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on a large scale.

  • Former IT and DH colleagues

    • Enric Ribera Borrell (GWDG, Göttingen)

      Between April 2016 - January 2018, Enric Ribera Borrell has worked as a student assistant in the GMPG research program and from January 2018 - March 2019 as a researcher at the Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen (GWDG) in Berlin. Enric Ribera Borrell supported the development of the digital infrastructure and the extensive databases of the research program. His work focused on modeling and adapting the structure of the databases with Django (Python) for specific research needs, as well as ensuring quality and consistency of the stored data.

    • Sebastian Kruse, M.Sc.

      In the context of the History of the GMPG Research Program Sebastian Kruse worked as a software engineer on modeling the data structures and generating web applications from December 2014 to May 2015.

    • Felix Lange, M.Sc. and M.A.

      In the GMPG Research Program Felix Lange is a software engineer responsible for the conceptualization, organizational planning and implementation of the digitization plan, for the setup of the digital work environment as well as for the deployment of IT-supported methods of evaluating sources.

    • Anne Overbeck, M.A.

      Anne Overbeck was responsible for coordinating the digitization activities in the GMPG Research Program from March to December 2017.

    • Dr. Juliane Stiller

      Juliane Stiller worked as a Research Scholar at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science until February 2016. From August 2014 to July 2015 she coordinated the database development for the GMPG Research Program and supported the digitization plans.

    • Dr. Malte Vogl

      Malte Vogl worked in the GMPG research program from April 2019 to April 2021. There he developed and extended algorithms and methods from the fields of natural language processing, network theory, and computational linguistics to evaluate the text material as well as personal networks.